Employee in the spotlight: Mandy van Os

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by Mandy van Os/ on 4 Apr 2024

Employee in the spotlight: Mandy van Os

At TechNative, we are genuinely interested in understanding your challenges and help you in the best way to solve these. Our project manager Mandy van Os is a good example of this value. Mandy is part of the managed services team where she manages everything the team needs. As said within the company she makes sure that what we promise is delivered.

What do you like about working for TechNative?

TechNative has a very vibrant atmosphere, the people I work with are searching for the best solutions for our customers and are putting in the effort to make TechNative grow. I’ve joined the company in 2019 and have seen a massive growth of the company over the years. This all done by the people who work there. This also means that there is never a dull moment and gives me a lot of room and space to grow and develop myself as project manager.

Can you share a funny story or anecdote about something that happened in the workplace?

This happened a little while ago. Imagine this, we are in the last stage of a project and we are in the middle of a migration. Everything that can go wrong is going wrong (of course). Colleague’s are debugging as fast as they can type but the root of the issue is hard to find. We are all together in our WAR room and we have one colleague on the phone who is giving us support. We are bringing him up to speed and we are clearly frustrated that we cannot solve this issue. Our colleague on the phone is listening patiently and as we are explaining the issue and what we have done to try to solve this he shouts out over the phone: “What an interesting problem!”. This in a slightly Martin Meiland tone of voice. We in the war room looked at each other and started laughing quite hard. Which relieved us of the tensed atmosphere and gave us room to look at different angles of this problem, which helped solve the issue as you can guess. This has become a running gag as every time we encounter something peculiar we shout out this sentence.

What achievement are you most proud of and why?

Obtaining the AWS DevOps competency last year. This was a great milestone to achieve as this shows all the hard work and effort of the years before by our engineers.

What is your favorite office tradition and why?

I love the office day which we have every bi-weekly on Wednesday. Everybody tries to come in to the office which makes it a fun and busy day. Definitely not the most productive day but a good moment to catch up with people you don’t speak on a daily base.

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