Employee in the spotlight: Thomas van der Mark

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by Thomas van der Mark/ on 6 Mar 2024

Employee in the spotlight: Thomas van der Mark

At TechNative we help you to get and hold control over your cloud spend. We believe that organizations need to have the best possible data to make better decisions. This also includes for our FinOps consultant Thomas van der Mark. Thomas has joined us in August last year but already has made a remarkable difference at our customer de Volksbank, where he is helping the bank through a transformation of creating cost transparency in the public cloud spend.

What do you like about working for TechNative?

At TechNative we’re striving to be a thought leader on FinOps & Cloud Management, and we’re challenging each other every day, but also having fun doing it. The combination of ambition, fun and way of working is what I like about TechNative. We’re small in size, but big on how we do things.

Can you share a funny story or anecdote about something that happened in the workplace?

Once a quarter we go with the FinOps team for a team activity. Last time we’ve organized a Padel tournament and had dinner afterwards. As I’m an enthusiastic person with a “little” competitive side, I went from the one glass side to the other in mere seconds. Since I was wearing a fluorescent orange sport shirt it was a for some colleagues a big blur of distraction. Since then I’ve gotten the nickname “The Tornado.”

What achievement are you most proud of and why?

I’m most proud of my learnings in the FinOps Consultancy realm. I’ve learned to combine (and extend) my already existing knowledge of the cloud, enhance my analytical skill set and soft skills, which I’ve already had from past experiences. That combination of achievement is something I’m really proud of. It was a cooking pot under pressure, but it was really worth it! Of course this isn’t done, because the world of FinOps is constantly evolving, but currently this is something I’m most proud of.

What is your favorite office tradition and why?

The lunch. We always lunch together and on office’s days we bring sandwiches for everyone. I like it that we lunch with the whole office together. This brings out that we’re doing it together and everyone is doing his/her part.

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