TerraMeister 2024

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by Mandy van Os/ on 11 Mar 2024

TerraMeister 2024

On Saturday March second we held our first edition of TerraMeister 2024 in our office. During this afternoon we held a small competition and played different games Terraform/Minecraft style. This idea started as intern assignment and grew to an event where we wanted to get people and in particular the younger generation enthusiastic for coding by playing different games. We like what we are doing and to get the next generation as exited as we are we invited them to play along.


The Event

The event took place in our office in Amersfoort on Saturday the second of March 2024. People could walk in from noon for the set-up and we started playing at 13:30. Our intern Mark had two games prepared where the attendees had to solve a puzzle in Minecraft via Terraform or create a piece of music. We wanted that everybody could join with or without coding experience. The puzzle solving was created for the ones who had no or little coding experience and the music making was created for people with some coding experience.

Minecraftshot pieceofcode

And so the games begun, everybody was dedicated to make the most out of it in the coming hours. We saw very concentrated faces and there was no time for any pause. After 2,5 hours of full concentration and coding we had some puzzles solved and some cool pieces of music. It was very difficult for the game leaders (who walked around to help people) to select a winner for each game.

While enjoying a slice of pizza or two we announced the winners and wrapped up the day. What we heard back from the participating kids was that the games were difficult but the had fun playing them. We would like to thank everybody for their enthusiasm and hope to welcome them again next time.


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