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On 7 Mar 2023

TechNative Accredited as AWS Well-Architected Partner

AWS Advanced Partner TechNative recently received official Amazon Web Services (AWS) accreditation as a “Well Architected Review Partner.” The AWS consultancy company based in Amersfoort, Netherlands, had previously earned the “AWS Public Sector Partner” badge. The “AWS Well Architected Review Partner” title is given to partners who have helped multiple organizations apply and review best practices from the Well Architected Framework. With this accreditation, TechNative becomes one of only nine review partners with headquarters in the Netherlands.

“We are proud to have achieved AWS Well-Architected Partner Review Status,” said Bas Anneveld, founder of TechNative. “This accomplishment confirms our expertise in delivering secure, scalable, and optimized cloud solutions to our clients. Although we have been applying the principles of the Well-Architected framework since the start of our company, the AWS quality seal helps us take clients to the next level.”

As an AWS Well-Architected Partner, TechNative offers a range of services that help clients optimize their workloads, including AWS Well-Architected Reviews, which provide comprehensive assessments of clients' cloud environments and identify opportunities for improvement. TechNative also offers guidance on implementing the best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, making clients' workloads secure, efficient, and reliable.

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