About us

01. Our mission

We put tech loving organizations back in control of their platform.

  • You build it, you run it
  • Costs transparancy

02. Our approach

We are genuinely interested in understanding your challenges.

  • dedication & discipline
  • availability & learning

03. Our philosophy

Great minds, humble personalities. We don’t like bragging.

  • we listen carefully
  • don’t tell, show!
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At TechNative we enable and guide you to build, optimize, and manage your tech stack with the best tools and services. You will get access to real expertise and FinOps methodologies needed to make your applications more scalable and reliable. By working with us, you will effectively improve your Cloud, platform, performance and operational excellence.

We’re a team of consultants, hands-on engineers & FinOps experts bridging the gap between business, finance and technology. Because we’re ‘techies’ by heart, we know what ’good’ looks like. And while knowledge is more important than certifications, just for easy of mind, all our engineers are certified.

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