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Developer Happiness

One of our main ambitions is to create developer happiness. If we can achieve this ambition with a development team of our clients, productivity will skyrocket. Because when you achieve developer happiness, there is much more headspace left to develop beautiful creative products.

  • No worries about security

  • Fast delivery

  • No unnecessary thinking about a release

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continuous integration and continuous delivery


We have transformed the most complex workflows into a smart delivery pipeline. We have experience with all prevailing pipeline tools in order to guarantee a stable release to the AWS platform.

Initial Setup

Where CI/CD used to be reserved for the most advanced software companies, it now pays off for anyone who develops software to set up a CI/CD workflow. TechNative can help you choose a technology, set up pipelines, but also the change process that is necessary to achieve a cultural shift among developers.

Creating developer happiness will make your team productivity go skyrocket!

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DevOps blogs

Writing Prometheus Alert Rules with Nickel
by Pim Snel/ on 20 Jun 2023

Writing Prometheus Alert Rules with Nickel

This blog post, gives a short demonstration of how to convert Prometheus rules written in YAML to efficient Nickel code that can generate YAML.

Unleashing Success: The Power of a Platform Engineering Team
by Bas Anneveld/ on 11 Jul 2023

Unleashing Success: The Power of a Platform Engineering Team

A platform engineering team is key for a tech organization as it plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and stability of their applications, similar to how F1 engineering is essential for a racing team’s performance.

Migration workflows

Back then, solutions like Jenkins were lonely and state of the art. Nowadays, there is much more choice when it comes to CI/CD solutions. TechNative can help migrate old workflows to modern systems. The RTO is clear because modern CI/CD workflows are cheaper to host, work better, and allow you to release more often, with better quality and efficiency.

Optimization of Workflows

How often do we encounter a workflow where the cache is turned off? We are not surprised any more. The client is surprised when we can make the workflows 10 times faster with a line of configuration code. This saves money and frustration.

This is one of the many optimizations we can perform in your pipelines.

The difference lies in the detail and feeling for detail comes with the years.


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