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Our client

It is estimated that 250 million people live and work in a foreign country, away from home, friends and family. Supporting loved ones who live thousands of miles away can be difficult and emotional. One of the most common issue’s people experience who are not working in their home country, is the difficulty of sending money home, or receiving money from home, especially at short notice.

Payment processes can be notoriously troublesome. International money transfers can take several days, often come with high fees, and commonly require a considerable volume of paperwork or even standing in line to send or receive funds.

Recharge was designed to solve these problems. The platform was built with cutting-edge technology to enable users to top up any prepaid phone, from anywhere in the world –for you or someone else. It’s superfast, easy and secure, enabling people to stay connected with those who matter the most.

With plans to become the go-to destination to pay for living costs from anywhere in the world. Recharge needed a development partner able to keep up with their rapid developments.

The project

As part of the strategy to grow their business, needed to develop code to connect their platform to a new payment service provider, Adyen.

Adyen has been designed as a single payment platform able to accept payments in any location on any device.

Choosing TechNative Software Services

Our reputation for writing accurate, robust code was a key issue with our client. They had heard about our work and knew we were capable of delivering their project. Our ability to work on live websites with high traffic levels was an important factor when it came to asking us for help, as was our proven track record delivering projects on-time.

Our approach

20,000 transactions take place every day at Recharge. Developing new code without disrupting the functions of the website was an essential requirement for this project as we developed a new connection to the payment service. The coding we created for this function had to also integrate robust fraud checking authorities to ensure complete security for our client’s users.

Ask Bas how to secure 20k transations a day.