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Vakantie Veilingen
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7 Feb 2019
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Our client

As an international e-commerce player, Emesa wants to make the online shopping experience more fun and exciting for young and old. With over 100 million visits per year, 3 million satisfied consumers and awarded the prestigious title of website of the year for the fifth consecutive year, the firm is the Dutch market leader in the travel and leisure sector for dynamic pricing

Vakantie Veiligingen

Through innovative websites such as VakantieVeilingen and ActievandeDag, Emesa have been creating new sales channels for their business partners since 2004.

Emesa asked us to work with them to quality assure their VakantieVeilingen website with the objective of making a significant quality enhancement. The site is a major online bidding platform offering access to an extensive range of products and services.

Choosing TechNative Software Services

Millions of people visit Emesa’s various websites which process thousands of financial transactions every month. This means each site must meet the highest standards of security and deliver robust and reliable user interfaces.

Emesa chose us on the strength of our expertise. Our quality assurance engineers have many years’ experience between them and have honed their skills. With a keen eye for detail and a complete focus on delivering the best results our reputation precedes us. With a great track record for finding bugs and errors on operational and new websites our team were well placed to ensure that VakantieVeilingen would be a great quality website with outstanding security.

Our approach

We provide thorough and in-depth website testing using a combination of expertise and manual and automated tests. VakantieVeilingen is a large, complex website with really impressive statistics. It’s a great example of our ability to work on websites of any scale.

Our methodology assesses the complete website build, full functionality and overall user experience, ensuring we add value not just in terms of overall quality assurance but by also enhancing the customer journey. Our automated tests ensure that quality remains a priority even with a rapidly growing codebase.

Bas is our High Traffic Specialist. Ask him how we can help.